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Welcome to Luminforum! This is an enthusiast project aimed at creating a free online resource for information about light. Our mission is to create a comprehensive guide to the world of light. We believe that being equipped with knowledge of its principles could be beneficial to us all. Once acquired, it could grant us the ability to understand the underlying phenomena and use light to shape our surroundings to suit our needs and preferences. It could allow us to take a step towards a more healthy lifestyle, create art, be mindful of our choices and enhance our daily routines. No matter if you are a professional, student, conscious consumer, or avid knowledge seeker, we hope you’ll find the content we create useful.

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Borys Skrzypinski Luminforum
Hi! My name is Borys. I’m a lighting enthusiast based in Poland.
It was during my high school days that I became fascinated with light and decided to pursue education in that direction. From the first amateur lighting design I did for my room as a teen through the first attempt at professional lighting expertise I did as a student, my interest in the subject grew. When I graduated from the Poznan University of Technology with a Master’s degree in Electrical Engineering I figured out that it would be a good idea to give something back to the community.

And then the idea of creating an educational website was born. Having seen some great examples of modern educational content, I decided to pursue the goal of establishing an accessible knowledge hub with the use of reader-friendly, concise articles filled with infographics designed to be as informative as possible. Now that I work in a company that manufactures precise instruments for measuring optical radiation, I hope to bring you lots of interesting facts and first-hand experiences from the field.